What to see and do


Culture :

The town of Vienne, famous for its Roman remains (ancient theatre, Temple to Augustus and Livia, Gallo-Roman museum) is situated on the right bank of the Rhone only 10 minutes from Ampuis. www.vienne-tourisme.com

The city of Lyon is only 30 minutes from Côte-Rôtie. Take the opportunity to visit its many museums ( fine arts and architecture, the Resistance and Natural History…), its ‘traboules’ (narrow passageways) and typical small restaurants known as ‘bouchons’, go shopping (Part-Dieu) or out generally. www.lyon-France.com

Only 40 minutes from Ampuis, you’ll find a strange building born from the dream of one person: the palais idéal du facteur cheval . (Hauterive, Drome) www.facteurcheval.com

Nature :

In Tupin and Semons, you can visit the nature observation centre on the ile du beurre . www.iledubeurre.org

The Côte-Rôtie appellation is situated in the Pilat regional park . The park will delight walkers with its upland terrain and 600kms of waymarked paths. www.parc-naturel-pilat.fr

Cruises on the Rhone leave from Vienne. http://www.bateau-livia.com/

Gastronomy :

The Lyon region is known for its gastronomy. You can easily find a restaurant to suit both your tastes and your budget.

Events :

Don’t miss the Côte-Rôtie wine market in late January.

In early July, Vienne welcomes talented jazzmen to its ancient theatre. www.jazzavienne.com

At the foot of the Côte-Rôtie, there are water jousting tournaments in the high season.
To find out the dates of sporting competitions, contact Ampuis Town Hall.

Occasionally, the Vienne Tourist Office offers rides on miniature tourist trains to explore the Côte-Rôtie vineyards. For further information call 04 74 53 80 30.


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