In brief

Côte-Rôtie: “an extreme act of nature, a rare jewel”

An extreme act of nature: Côte-Rôtie is characterised first and foremost by the extraordinary nature of its very steep hillsides.

A rare jewel: But also a prestigious wine produced on a small scale.

the vineyards:

Situated in the northern Rhone valley
Location: on the hillsides on the right bank of the Rhone, 30 km south of Lyon
Surface area of the vineyards: 230 hectares
Area of production: Saint-Cyr sur Rhône, Ampuis and Tupin-Semons
Grape varieties: Syrah (80 % minimum) and Viognier
Climate: temperate
Soil: schistous rock, gneiss and migmatite
hillside vineyards: the slopes may exceed 60%
altitude: between 180 and 325 metres

Production methods:

Yield: 40 Hl/hectare
Hand-harvesting (mid-September to early October)
Aged in oak barrels

the wine:

Red wine only
A.O.C since 1940
”Cru des Côte du Rhône septentrionale rouge”
Number of bottles produced a year: approximately 1.2 million
Number of winegrowers: just over 100 producers,
sixty bottling estates


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