Every year, the Côte-Rôtie winegrowers work with nature to produce a new vintage.

Outline guide to the latest vintages from Côte-Rôtie:

2007: low yield. Rich, mature wines, with relatively low acidity. Currently being matured.

2006: Wines with a very deep colour. Fruity, fleshy wines with good volume.

2005 : a very dry year (30% less rainfall than in a normal year).
The wines are colourful with a good structure. Fairly low yields.

2004 : a classic, fresh Côte-Rôtie vintage. A year focused more on elegance than structure. This vintage can be enjoyed soon.

2003 : A heat-wave year. A sunny vintage. Very low yields and early harvest. The wines are concentrated , with jammy flavours.

2002 : A fruity year . The 2002 wines are ideal for drinking now.

2001 : A well-balanced vintage with great finesse.

2000 : 1st vintage of the millennium. A classic Côte-Rôtie year. A gourmet vintage.

1999 : A year of great concentration and balance. Very full wines.

1998 : A vintage with more marked tannins. A good year.

1997 : Vintage displaying quite a low acidity . Rounded, harmonious wines.

1996 : Vintage displaying a good acidity.

1995 : A very tannic vintage that should therefore be laid down.

A few memorable vintages:

(in winegrowers’ memory)

1991 (great finesse); 1990 (strong maturity); 1989 (fullness), 1988 (structure); 1985 (balance); 83 (concentration); 1978 (excellent)...
(found in old documents)
1811 : “ comet wine ”, low yield year, excellent quality wines ;
1781 : vintage well known for its abundance 1778 : excellent wine...


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