Côte-Rôtie is under threat

The Côte-Rôtie vineyards, a real living museum and part of our national cultural heritage, are under threat from the Lyon East motorway bypass (C.O.L). (see projected route)

Can we allow a swathe of tar to scar the Côte-Rôtie hillsides ?

On a small strip of land 8 km long and 500 m wide, winegrowers produce a wine universally recognised by lovers of Syrah. Nowhere else in the world does Syrah express itself with such brilliance; and it has done so for 24 centuries.

Today, the Government has its eyes on this unique geographical area with a view to building an additional motorway. Yet another one.

This is intolerable not only because of the attack on the environment but also because the project will not solve the problem of international traffic.

And yet other solutions exist, the Alcaly association (alternatives to the Lyon motorway bypass) have put them forward.


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